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Valentine’s Day The Right Way

  Ahh… Valentine’s Day. Dunkin’s donuts are shaped like hearts. M&Ms are all red and pink. Stuffed animals are singing romance tunes. Love is in the air, and it only costs $10.99.   Though Valentine’s Day is originally a Christian holiday, it has become the day for professing love to your significant other and showering them… Continue Reading

“Save the Drama for Your Mama” Webinar on February 22!

  We are please to announce the second installment* of our Webinar Series “Save the Drama for Your Mama: Healthy Skill Building for Classroom Relationships” will take place on Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 2:00 – 3:30 (paid participants will have access to the session for one full week after 2.22.18). This webinar will provide… Continue Reading

#TDVAM Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

#TDVAM February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. KBEP believes that the best way to prevent relationship violence is through education on the topic. We are joining the national conversation this month to educate and raise awareness by participating in Respect Week 2018. Respect Week is February 12-16 and the theme is “Hands Unite: Do… Continue Reading

House of Cards

There has been an outpouring of revelations about sexually violent behaviours from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I have so many thoughts about all of them, but let me start with you, Kevin Spacey. You’re a pedophile. But you already knew that. You’re also an opportunist. You took the opportunity to abuse your… Continue Reading

KBEP Webinars Are Here!

We are excited to announce the official launch of a new branch of our professional development program— webinars! Now, you can participate in KBEP trainings from the comfort of your home or office.  All you need is your laptop! To kick off our webinar platform, we will be offering a two-part webinar series: January 25,… Continue Reading

Join Our Growing Team!

We’re Hiring! The Katie Brown Educational Program is looking for an addition to our Education Team! We have one position available for a full-time Educator. About Us: The Katie Brown Educational Program is dedicated to the recognition and prevention of relationship violence by teaching the skills and information needed to make healthy decisions in relationships.… Continue Reading

What Would Happen if They Said No?

By: Jasmine Torres, Educator at the Katie Brown Educational Program  As a child, I dreaded my mother tuning into talk radio on our ride into school. I wanted to listen to music, not annoying adults talking about boring and lame… whatever they were talking about. Evidently, as I grew and became more interested in the… Continue Reading

Truth & Consequences: Striking a resonant chord

*The following article was shared, with permission, by Toby Simon. Ms. Simon is a board member at the Katie Brown Educational Program and Director of the Women’s Center at Bryant University. The article originally appeared here.  PROVIDENCE – Me, too. Syracuse, N.Y. The first incident I recall was when I was 15 and sitting in Dr.… Continue Reading

The Need for Violence Prevention Education is Stronger than Ever

The staff at the Katie Brown Educational Program recently returned from California for the 2017 National Conference of Health and Domestic Violence. We spent three days submerged in the challenging world of Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence with clinicians, fellow educators, doctors, nurses, researchers, and a host of other passionate, talented industry experts and… Continue Reading