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What Would Happen if They Said No?

By: Jasmine Torres, Educator at the Katie Brown Educational Program  As a child, I dreaded my mother tuning into talk radio on our ride into school. I wanted to listen to music, not annoying adults talking about boring and lame… whatever they were talking about. Evidently, as I grew and became more interested in the… Continue Reading

Truth & Consequences: Striking a resonant chord

*The following article was shared, with permission, by Toby Simon. Ms. Simon is a board member at the Katie Brown Educational Program and Director of the Women’s Center at Bryant University. The article originally appeared here.  PROVIDENCE – Me, too. Syracuse, N.Y. The first incident I recall was when I was 15 and sitting in Dr.… Continue Reading

The Need for Violence Prevention Education is Stronger than Ever

The staff at the Katie Brown Educational Program recently returned from California for the 2017 National Conference of Health and Domestic Violence. We spent three days submerged in the challenging world of Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence with clinicians, fellow educators, doctors, nurses, researchers, and a host of other passionate, talented industry experts and… Continue Reading

$100 OFF Katie Brown Educational Professional Development Programs – Book Today!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The educators and staff at the Katie Brown Educational Program work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that our young people and adults have the education necessary to promote peacefulness and healthy relationships throughout the year.  This year for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, if you book a professional development… Continue Reading

KBEP Now Teaches 4th Grade!

by Crystal Stone, Manager of Communications, PR & Fundraising The team at the Katie Brown Educational Program (KBEP) is excited to announce, that this school year we have launched out 4th Grade program. Our 4th grade curriculum covers topics including: – The three types of violence (Physical, Verbal and Emotional) – Using positive self-esteem as a… Continue Reading

Meet Our Educators: Nwando Ofokansi

By Crystal Stone, Manager of Communications, PR and Fundraising Graphic Created by Nwando Ofokansi, Education and Programs Coordinator  This summer we invite all members of our community to get to know our wonderful education team. We hope that as you learn more about the people who work towards preventing relationship violence and the National Conference… Continue Reading


by: Deshaun Ferguson, Educator at the Katie Brown Educational Program On Thursday, September 7, 2017 the Katie Brown Educational Program (KBEP)  will host ” Dining to Donate”. The event will take place at Applebee’s, 311 Plymouth Ave, Fall River from 11:00 am to 9:00pm. Dining to Donate is a fundraising program, offered through Applebee’s, that… Continue Reading

You Matter

by Jasmine Torres, Educator at the Katie Brown Educational Program In the midst of a confusing and difficult world, take a moment to remember that you are important: You Matter. This phrase is so simple yet we do not hear it or say it nearly enough. Through the various, seemingly never ending struggles and challenges… Continue Reading