"The most important thing I learned was how to solve a conflict without using violence."

7th grade, Kickemuit Middle School, Warren, RI

"The thing I liked best was the relationship information and learning what’s unhealthy. I learned a lot during the Katie Brown Program."

8th grade, Hastings Middle School, Fairhaven, MA

“This program helped teach me a lot about how to properly handle relationships, and to be aware of violence.”

Seekonk High School, Seekonk, MA

“The most important thing I learned was to never take your anger out on someone else. Fighting or bullying others does not solve the problem.”

6th grade, Alfred Lima Elementary School, Providence, RI

“I liked the whole class…there is just so much on my mind to write down right now. Thank you for taking your time to share with us.”

Resiliency Preparatory High School, Fall River, MA

“The thing I liked best was that I learned a lot from this program and I will use this information in my daily life.”

7th grade, Dighton Middle School, Dighton, MA

“The most important thing I learned was that bullying is not hurting just the outside of people but also inside them.”

5th grade, Doran Elementary School, Fall River, MA

“The thing I like best was the fact that people care enough to inform us about this.”

Seekonk High School, Seekonk, MA

“The most important thing I learned was what to do if I get in a bullying situation, without hurting anyone.”

6th grade, Old Hammondtown School, Mattapoisett, MA

“Thank you, you have opened my eyes to things that will be very useful in my life.”

5th grade, Fonseca Elementary School, Fall River, MA

“Whoever made this program is amazing! It is very useful!”

Taunton High School, Taunton, MA

“The students had nothing but positive things to say about the program. It has been invaluable. We hope that this program will continue and thrive. An excellent message is sent to the students that they are important enough for people to “get real” with them and discuss such important life lessons with them.”

9th Grade Teacher

“I sat in on all 5 sessions of the program, and I think this 5th grade really benefited from this program.”

5th Grade Teacher

“It was very good. It hit on a lot of important topics that the kids needed to know.”

High School – Alternative School teacher

“I enjoy watching the students as they hear information, think about it and express their reactions. This program really gets them to think about experiences they are having or may encounter.”

8th Grade Teacher

“This is a vital program. The earlier the children are educated on these matters the better protected they will be.”

8th Grade Teacher

“Really appreciate the time and energy spent working with the students. This program added great value to my health class. This was a great way to bring violence/relationships into the classroom. Kids seemed very engaged.”

High School Teacher

“The KBEP is a great program that teaches about relationship violence and how to prevent it using a variety of teaching activities. Fifth grade thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles, meditation and bully bingo.”

5th Grade Teacher

“The educator effectively managed the class; using respectful language and engaging the students in learning. This is an outstanding program to teach awareness and prevention of relationship violence.”

7th Grade Teacher