7th Grade

KBEP believes that preventing relationship violence starts at an early age. During the middle school years, students are reaching adolescence. We at KBEP feel that during adolescence youth should be familiarized with the relationships they have with themselves and others. Learning the importance of choosing friends carefully, keeping positive self-esteem, and approaching conflicts productively provide part of the foundation needed to create healthy and safe relationships.

KBEP’s 7th grade curriculum is presented to classrooms of no more than 30 students. The program is delivered over 5 sessions, with each session lasting 50-60 minutes.

7th Grade Objectives

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Identify relationships with self and others
  • Understand the definition of relationship violence
  • Recognize the importance of trust, honesty, and respect between friends
  • Understand the connection between healthy self-esteem and healthy relationships with others
  • Understand the results of aggressive, passive, and assertive communication when approaching a conflict

For more information or to schedule 7th grade, please contact Claire S. McVicker, csmcvicker@kbep.org