Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Katie Brown Educational Program?

The Katie Brown Educational Program (KBEP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization, formed in 2001, that promotes respectful relationships by teaching relationship violence prevention. KBEP provides evidence-based prevention instruction to fourth grade through high school students, as well as teenagers and adults outside of the classroom. KBEP teaches healthy relationship skills to prevent violence by helping youth to identify and communicate difficult feelings in nonviolent ways and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behavioral choices.

2) Who is Katie Brown?

Our program was founded in 2001, in response to the murder of Katherine “Katie” Brown, from Barrington, Rhode Island. Katie was 20 years old when she was killed by the young man she had dated on and off since high school. The Katie Brown Educational Program was created by friends of Katie’s family to memorialize her life and prevent future tragedies such as this from occurring.

The Program

1) What topics are discussed in your curriculum?

Students who participate in our school-based programming receive information on a variety of topics that address healthy relationships. Every class begins with a discussion topic include boundaries, self-respect, self-esteem, healthy conflict resolution, the exploration of gender stereotypes and gender roles, healthy dating expectations, and warning signs of violence.

2) Do you address sexual violence to 5th graders? Why and How?

We begin defining sexual violence as

3) Do you deliver your program outside of southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island?

4) Do you offer summer programming?

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10) Do you offer adult education opportunities?


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1) Do you offer support services, including counseling, safe housing, etc?
2) Do you offer direct services to victims of domestic violence
3) Do we have any resources to offer children that have parents in violent relationships?
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