Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Katie Brown Educational Program?

The Katie Brown Educational Program is a
2) Who is Katie Brown?

The Program

1) What topics are discussed during your curriculum? Do you address sexual violence to 5th graders? Why and How?

2) Do you deliver your program outside of southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island?

3) Do you offer summer programming?

4) How much does your school-based programming cost?

5) Does KBEP offer workshops outside of schools?

6) How do I schedule a workshop

7) Can KBEP conduct an assembly at my school?

8) Who should I contact to schedule a workshop or in school programming?

9) Do you offer adult education opportunities?


1) Do you accept interns?
2) How can I volunteer?
3) I’m interested in working for  KBEP. Where can I apply?

How you can help

1) I’d like to learn more about volunteer opportunities
2) I would like to donate! Who should I contact?
3) What types of donations do you accept?


1) Do you offer support services, including counseling, safe housing, etc?
2) Do you offer direct services to victims of domestic violence
3) Do we have any resources to offer children that have parents in violent relationships?
1) Who should I contact regarding press opportunities?
2) How can I subscribe/unsubscribe from email updates?
3) What’s the best way to learn about upcoming events at KBEP?