“The most important thing I learned from KBEP was to be who you are not who people want you to be.” - 7th Grade Morton Middle

“I learned that if your relationship is unhealthy, you REALLY need to talk to someone about it.” - Massachusetts 8th Grader

We believe that prevention is most effective when integrated into all aspects of a child's life. At KBEP we offer interactive workshops for parents and caregivers, providing them with the essential resources to effectively support and guide their children.

Topics include: 

  • Helping your child build and maintain healthy friendships
  • Positive social-emotional learning skills to practice at home
  • Supporting and advocating for your LGBTQ+ child
  • Recognizing signs of teen dating violence
  • Understanding risk and protective factors related to child sexual violence
  • Navigating safe internet, technology, and social media use
  • Practicing healthy masculinity as a parent or caregiver


Although we typically do not offer individual workshops for parents, we welcome and consider all requests for you, your family, your organization, or a parent group. If you are interested, please contact our Program Director, Angela Marandola, at amarandola@kbep.org or 508-678-4466.