“We expect students to know how to navigate the world of dating relationships successfully yet we do little in terms of formal education to prepare them for it. The KBEP is an amazing step in the right direction to change that.” - Rhode Island Teacher

For more scheduling information, please contact our Program Director, Angela Marandola
at amarandola@kbep.org or call our office at
(508)678-4466 and ask for Angela!

Our comprehensive relationship violence prevention curriculum is tailored for students from fourth grade through high school. Each session incorporates interactive discussions, group and individual activities, informative handouts, and engaging worksheets to effectively educate and empower young people.

Some topics discussed in the curricula:

  • Types of violence
  • Rights in relationships
  • Personal power and self-esteem
  • Conflict resolution
  • Bullying and peer relational aggression
  • Standing up for yourself versus fighting back
  • Components of healthy relationships, including friendship and dating
  • Taking responsibility for choices and actions
  • Healthy expression of anger
  • Expectations of dating relationships
  • Stereotypes/the media’s portrayal of gender roles
  • The cycle of violence and warning signs