If you answered “sometimes” or “yes” to any of these statements, consider this: Relationships can be complicated and disagreements or conflicts will come up, however, your relationship should make you feel good. You should be choosing safer and healthier relationships where you feel secure, supported and happy. NO ONE deserves to be criticized, controlled, hurt or made to feel afraid.

Trust your instincts. If someone hurts you, makes you feel uncomfortable or afraid in any way, it is important to talk about it and tell someone what is happening. Talk to your friends, Talk your parents, a teacher or another adult you can trust – this can be difficult, but try to keep talking about it until you find someone who can help. You can also contact the national domestic violence hotline (www.ndvh.org) or a local domestic violence program in your community (RI: www.ricadv.org) (MA: www.janedoe.org).