House of Cards

There has been an outpouring of revelations about sexually violent behaviours from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I have so many thoughts about all of them, but let me start with you, Kevin Spacey.

You’re a pedophile. But you already knew that. You’re also an opportunist. You took the opportunity to abuse your position of power as an older adult, and you violated young teenagers. You took the opportunity to abuse your position of power as a successful actor to harass your coworkers. And you also took the opportunity to scapegoat an entire population in order to reduce your culpability in all of this.

In response to the allegations of assault made against him by another actor who was only 14 at the time of incident, Kevin Spacey issued a public apology, saying:


So, what we have here is a grown man who gets so drunk that he may or may not become a pedophile, but he’s not sure, so sorry just in case? Kevin. Have a seat. Alcohol or drug use is not an excuse for violent behaviours. If you get drunk and decide to drive and cause an accident, you are still held responsible for what happened. The same concept applies here. You cannot hide behind wild, drunken nights to pacify your victims and the public.

What also outrages me is Kevin Spacey using this as an opportunity to come out as gay. How dare you conflate your sexual orientation with your pedophilia?! These two things have nothing to do with each other. In effort to manipulate the public into sympathizing with him for struggling with his sexual identity, you used this moment in history to go public about being gay— at the expense of all other gay people on the planet! People with same-sex attraction have endured quite enough homophobia, ridicule, ostracization, and violence without you adding to it. Many heterosexual people already view same-sex attraction as deviant, and connect it to pedophilia and other morally reprehensible sexual activities. By using this moment to publicize your struggle with your sexual identity, you have opened up more vulnerable members of the LGBT+ community to continued attack.

Being gay has nothing to do with being a pedophile. Having same-sex attraction has nothing to do with taking advantage of other people’s bodies. Being a member of the LGBT+ community has nothing to do with making people feel afraid and uncomfortable. Exploring or being unsure of your sexuality has nothing to do with violating consent. Regardless of your identity, Kevin, you chose to intimidate, coerce, or force others into sexual interactions with you.

The Katie Brown Educational Program has a clear stance on the terms of consent. In order to be consensual, a sexual activity must involve a clear “yes” from people who are of the legal age to consent, who are all equals, and who are by no means threatened by the power (be it physical or social) of the other person. Kevin, you breached all of this. Shame on you.