KBEP Now Teaches 4th Grade!

by Crystal Stone, Manager of Communications, PR & Fundraising

The team at the Katie Brown Educational Program (KBEP) is excited to announce, that this school year we have launched out 4th Grade program.

Our 4th grade curriculum covers topics including:
– The three types of violence (Physical, Verbal and Emotional)
– Using positive self-esteem as a tool for preventing violence.
– Identifying strategies for making healthy choices and supporting others.
– Defining kindness and Identifying ways to be kind to others.
– Understanding that treating people with kindness can help build positive self – esteem.

We at the Katie Brown Education Program believe that education is a proven foundation for creating permanent change in attitudes and behaviors to promote respectful, healthy relationships and reduce bullying, cyber bullying and dating violence.

For more information about the work we do, please contact us at (508) 678-4466.