Letter to High School Seniors

Dear Class of 2020,

COVID19 has taken something precious from you. We know that remote learning doesn’t account for lost time with your peers or the many ceremonies you may have to miss. If you are feeling a sense of loss or frustration we know you may not be able to access gratitude easily. We want to share our gratitude with you.

KBEP’s curriculum starts in elementary school. We have watched you all grow to become thoughtful, caring, socially conscious young adults. That sentiment rings true now more than ever.

We are thankful that you rose this morning to face the day and move through it. We appreciate your selflessness and we are so grateful for you.  Thank you for pouring unconditional love on the world, through social distancing and all it entails.

Your feelings are valid. Let them all out. It’s okay to express anger, sadness, confusion, envy, or anything else you are feeling. The days, weeks, and months ahead will be difficult. Not being able to say goodbye in person is hard. Navigating college or entering the workforce during these unprecedented times may feel overwhelming.

Remember that you are loved, valued, and supported. Take time for yourself today to breathe and soak up the sun. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You have a community of people who care about you. We hope that your cup is filled to overflowing today.

Let us know how we can support you. Reaching out shows just how brave and courageous you are and that you value your well being as much as we value you! You are stronger than you know and part of that strength is demonstrated when owning our vulnerability.

Above all else thank you for being wholly you, just as you are. We see you, feel you, and never want you to feel alone.


The Team at the Katie Brown Educational Program