Meet Our Educators: Nwando Ofokansi

By Crystal Stone, Manager of Communications, PR and Fundraising
Graphic Created by Nwando Ofokansi, Education and Programs Coordinator 

This summer we invite all members of our community to get to know our wonderful education team. We hope that as you learn more about the people who work towards preventing relationship violence and the National Conference of Health and Domestic Violence, you will feel compelled to help our education staff participate in this wonderful opportunity.

Meet Nwando!

Nwando began at the Katie Brown Educational Program in 2014, and quickly rose from Educator to Education and Programs Coordinator. As you will learn, Nwando is a progressive advocate for social justice and relationship violence prevention. After reading her bio and learning more about the conference, please click anywhere on the graphic below to be directed to our donation page. Additionally, you can learn more about the conference and Futures Without Violence (conference host) by clicking here.


Nwando Ofokansi, Educational Programs Coordinator at KBEP