Official Statement: No Place for Racism

To Our Community,

At KBEP we know and acknowledge that for too long, racism has made the world unequal and unsafe. ​ The disturbing events from ​​Central Park to Minneapolis​ over the last week​ remind us that freedom from racism and injustice is still not​ universally available to all, and stereotypes and bias remain.​ The loss of life coupled with the loss of dignity, respect, and freedom, is unbearable and devastating to all of us at KBEP. Moments like these illustrate just how much work there still needs to be done.

There is no room for racism​ at KBEP, and our Core Value of Social Responsibility shows​​ our strong and foundational commitment to ​respecting and valuing diversity and creating an environment that is inclusive for all. Our mission, rooted in anti-violence and anti-oppression, makes us committed to anti-racism work. We ​acknowledge that people of color have painful histories of abuse and trauma. We recognize the pain and suffering racism has caused and we are making a commitment to be part of the solution. We need to do all we can to dismantle the system of violence and hate​ that has infiltrated our country’s history, culture, policies, and streets.​ We are standing ​together to break down systemic racism because we owe it to everyone, especially the thousands of young people​ of color​ we reach each year, who deserve a future free of violence.


Claire S. McVicker
Executive Director