The Need for Violence Prevention Education is Stronger than Ever

The staff at the Katie Brown Educational Program recently returned from California for the 2017 National Conference of Health and Domestic Violence. We spent three days submerged in the challenging world of Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence with clinicians, fellow educators, doctors, nurses, researchers, and a host of other passionate, talented industry experts and advocates.

The people leading the conference told their truths which included reproductive coercion, dehumanization and segregation because of race, the charged fight for equity in the LGBT+ community, homelessness run rampant amongst their respective communities, and a host of other issues that are all intrinsically tied to violence. We came back from California with a freshly realized purpose and understanding of how critical the work we do is for our community.

Shortly after our arrival home, fifty-eight people in Las Vegas were murdered and several hundred were injured by a shooter at a concert. Just weeks ago a community gathered with peace in their hearts as they relished in the comfort of their place of worship. In an instant that security was ripped away as twenty-six people, including an unborn baby faced a grim death at hands of a person filled with vehement hostility.

Awful situations such as these are why we frequently research and reinvent our programs to make them more relevant and meaningful. We know that inaction makes us contributors to these tragedies, as we know all too well, that inaction in itself is action. And while we may not be able to govern the heinous actions of a select few, we do have control over what we teach our children and the foundation that we choose to lay for them. Like many of you, we desire peace in our world. We know that our best chance for peacefulness starts by exposing people to healthy relationships as early as possible.

Our work is done with the support of the people in our community. You know how essential it is that our young people are taught what it means to be kind, empathetic, and good natured. You see how ugly the world can become when our young people are left to sort out difficult feelings, without guidance and the tools to do so. It is important to ingrain these values in young minds so our children grow up ready to face a tough world, with kindness, dignity and respect for humanity.

As we solemnly reflect on these incidences and the many others that have transpired, we ask with sincerity that you aid us in doing our part to make the world safer. Please take the time to learn more about the Katie Brown Educational Program at Think carefully about the world we hope to leave our children. And please know that your willingness to know and spread kindness is instrumental in the well-being of our children and ultimately, our community.

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Thank you,

Crystal Stone
Manager of Communications, PR, & Fundraising