The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Program— or RSVP— is an initiative that targets a member of college communities to provide information by teaching skills related to building and maintaining respectful, healthy relationships.

We have seen sexual and dating violence happen far too often on campuses across the country:

  • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college
  • 57% of college students who report experiencing dating violence and abuse said it occurred in college

Our workshops combine essential information about dating and sexual violence with the skills needed to prevent them and create a culture of respect. Participants will receive resources and toolkits useful for promoting healthy relationships. These resources are tailored specifically to each group so they are relevant to the participants’ level of influence. Such groups include residential life staff, faculty, student athletes, student organization leaders, and more.

"Really awesome job! Definitely know what you were talking about showed a ton of passion!
Would definitely attend different info sessions! Thank you!"
Bryant University Student

Mandy teaching 5th grade

Some of our current offerings are:

  • Dating Violence 101
  • Sexual Violence 101
  • Healthy Skill Building in Relationships
  • Healthy Masculinity
  • Sexual Violence in Black Communities
  • Preventing Violence Towards LGBTQ+ Community Members


For more information or to schedule RSVP, please contact our Program Director, Angela Marandola,