The Katie Brown Educational Program (KBEP) offers a range of educational programs throughout the year. KBEP takes the approach that all young people need age-appropriate relationship violence prevention education to be able to build and maintain successful relationships from childhood into adulthood. We also recognize that education is a critical aspect for adults, whether they are seeking professional development opportunities or informational workshops. All educational programs include lectures, discussions, group, and individual activities, handouts, moments of self-reflection, and additional resources.

To address these needs KBEP serves individuals in the following areas:

  • School-based Programs are age-appropriate and designed for students in fourth grade through high school.
  • Summer Programs are delivered in non-traditional settings, such as summer camps, after-school programs, and group homes.
  • Professional Development and Adult Workshops allow participants to learn skills that can be integrated into their work to help foster a culture of respect and better respond to students in need of support. Participants will also receive resources that they can use to support their students.
  • Parent Workshops provide an opportunity for parents seeking to further their knowledge of relationship violence. Parents will also receive resources that they can use to further support their children.

As the only local evidence-based relationship violence prevention program, KBEP is devoted to prevention education, and serves as a resource for school districts, community organizations, and other health and education professionals.

Some topics discussed are:

  • Types of violence
  • Dynamics of Power & Control
  • Personal power and self-esteem
  • Conflict resolution
  • Bullying and peer relational aggression
  • Standing up for yourself versus fighting back
  • Components of healthy relationships, including friendship and dating
  • Taking responsibility for choices and actions
  • Healthy expression of emotions and relaxation techniques
  • Expectations of dating relationships
  • Stereotypes/the media’s portrayal of gender roles
  • The cycle of violence and warning signs

"We expect students to know how to navigate the world of dating relationships successfully
yet we do little in terms of formal education to prepare them for it. The KBEP is an amazing step in the right direction to change that."

Rhode Island Teacher

2023-2024 Academic and Community Overview

In the 2023-2024 academic year, KBEP reached 22 schools.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, KBEP delivered programs in-school (school-based and alternative) to 5,544 students throughout MA and RI.

2,169 participants received professional development, parent, and non-traditional workshops.

KBEP participated in 11 community wellness fairs, events, and career fairs.

KBEP co-hosted 4 educational podcasts related to healthy relationships.


For more information about scheduling KBEP, please get in touch with Angela Marandola at or call our office at (508)678-4466.