The countdown begins as we are just over a week away from the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! KBEP is getting ready: scheduling, updating curricula, and gathering materials for the 2018-2019 school year.


During the school year, KBEP Educators are usually out of the office as we are traveling to schools throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As you might have read from earlier summer 2018 blogs, we aren’t stuck in the office all summer as we have had the opportunity to educate at camps and summer programs.


In order to spice up our summer office time and have a little fun (especially on Mondays), KBEP Educators implemented #SpiritMonday! Let’s recap the Mondays at KBEP this summer!


August 25: Favorite Sports Team
Educators showcased their fan-love of the Boston Red Sox & Boston Celtics!


July 9: Hat Day
Baseball caps, flower crowns and winter hats for us.


July 16: School Spirit
We had some good times and learned a lot in college so why not show off our school pride!
Deshaun: Johnson & Wales University
Rowan: Rhode Island College
Jasmine: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Nwando: Boston College



July 23: ’90s Day
Our favorite decade!


July 30: Fun with Masks
We got crafty.


August 6: Galaxy Day
KBEP Educators are out of this world!


August 13: Superhero Day
We have superhero fever. Batman, Superman, & The Flash comin’ at ya.


August 20: Sneaker Day
KBEP Educators showing off their kicks!

There is one more summer Monday before the school year starts. Join us for the final Spirit Monday on Instagram (@the_kbep), tag us in your post and use these hashtags: #SpiritMonday #KBEPblogs #KBEPSpiritMondays


Final #SpiritMonday is Monday 8/27! The theme is: Flannel/Plaid Day!