We’re Hiring: Educational Program Manager

Educational Program Manager position:

Organizational Overview:

The Katie Brown Educational Program (KBEP) offers a range of educational programs throughout the year. KBEP takes the approach that all young people need age-appropriate relationship violence prevention education to be able to build and maintain successful relationships from childhood into adulthood. We also recognize that education is a critical aspect for adults, whether they are seeking professional development opportunities or informational workshops. All educational programs include lecture, discussion, group and individual activities, handouts, moments of self-reflection, and additional resources.

To address these needs KBEP serves individuals in the following areas:

  • School Programs are age-appropriate and designed for students in fourth grade through high school.
  • Summer Programs are delivered in non-traditional settings, such as summer camps, after-school programs, and group homes.
  • RSVP College Program targets members of college communities to provide information by teaching skills related to building and maintaining respectful, healthy relationships.
  • Professional Development workshops provide participants with the opportunity to learn skills that can be integrated into their work to help foster a culture of respect and to better respond to students in need of support. Participants will also receive resources that they can use to further support their students.
  • Parent Workshops provide an opportunity for parents seeking to further their knowledge of relationship violence. Parents will also receive resources that they can use to further support their children.
  • Adult Programs provide participants with the practical skills that are needed to develop and navigate healthier relationships– a practice that is often overlooked in the dialogue on violence prevention and behavior change.


KBEP is seeking to hire a full-time, year-round Educational Program Manager.  The Educational Program Manager will be responsible for the high-quality delivery of all education programs.  This position entails overseeing the day to day functioning of all educational programs, including the supervision of education staff, program scheduling, management of SPSS (our data management system), and curriculum revisions and development.  In addition to the day to day management of the educational programs, the Manager will be expected to build and maintain relationships with school administrators, teachers, and community members, to participate in community collaborations, and to carry a light teaching schedule.

Please visit our website at www.kbep.org to learn more about our program.


  • Ability to train, manage, and supervise education staff
  • Strong planning, communication, organizational and public speaking abilities
  • Skills in development of educational curricula and data analysis, including proficiency in SPSS
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with schools and community organizations
  • Commitment to violence prevention

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in education and/or related field.
  • Five years of teaching or youth development experience, including a minimum of two years in program/curriculum development.
  • Experience in nonprofit management including two+ years’ experience managing or supervising others.
  • Experience in anti-bias and culturally relevant programming and activity development.
  • A proven balance of classroom teaching experience and time in afterschool, early learning, camp or other youth development/out of school time programs preferred.
  • Knowledge and commitment to relationship violence prevention.
  • Highly organized and able to work independently.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated flexibility and creativity.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to jobs@kbep.org, ATTN: Claire Spaulding McVicker, Executive Director, Katie Brown Educational Program.